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#11 Beacon & Dominator

So dear (Air)Softers and (Paint)Ballers, we have finished the all around work with SW / HW update on Dominator 1.x (v1.5) and introduced the addition Beacon 1.x. So what is are the news

Firstly Bomb Scenario, got more Game control and now you can additionally set up the duration of the game, respectively the time till the bomb has to be planted. Aaaand "Repeat Scenario" button, which will after one game ends, give the possibility to restart the very same scenario.

Now to the even more funny part - the BEACON 1.x.

BEACON 1.x is fully plug and play no additional setup needed. You connect the battery ,plug it to any external speaker, that has a aux input and suddenly all the interactions with Dominator 1.x in the field

will have Sound Effect background, that is live played into the battlefield.

With this we can achieve much higher zeal in action play.

Imagine that Counter terrorist unit that gets a sirene signal for 3 minutes until the bomb explodes and charges for one last Assault with all the remaining energy!

Sirene and Sound effects can operate separately, but the combination brings of course the best experience ;-)

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