Dominator PRO
  • Dominator PRO

    Based on "ThoughBox design" & using "ConnAction Network", the first Airsoft Battlefield Management System, became Dominator PRO our cutting edge development project.

    Fully integrated with any additional Dominators PRO or Connaction Gateways.

    Over ConnAction Gateways Internet Access you can follow the Game status in TRACEFORCE APP.

    Excelent for long (max. 1 week) games with fully customisable scenario like "capture the flag" and "Transport" and "IN GAME" money generator.​


    • Capture The flag-features  time clock controled Game Start/End/Break with various capture time periods.
    • ​In Game Money Generator -by holding/capturing the domination point the Dominator PRO generates Digital Value over time, very similar to a Bitcoin mining system, excelent for LARP type additions in Games.
    • Transport - by loading such a digital value to TAG device (comes with BOX) you have to transport this to nearest drop zone -"BANK" or Organiser, that saves your transported points to your Account or changes them for other "IN GAME" Artefacts/Props or Money​
    • Plug&Play
    • Antenna placeble Inside (1x1 Km M/L size events ), or Outside for (5x5 KmLarge/World class event )
    • Replacable Battery-5V Powerbank (included)
    • Size :27 x 24 x 18 cm