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  • What scenarios does your Dominator 1.x unit have
    It suports multiple types of Capture the Flag/Domination scenarios with variable lenght for internal clock driven game lenght, domination time and terorist Bomb scenario -Domination (5/15/30/60 MIN) with game ending at specific time (e.g. 16:00) or til triggered end -Bomb (15min steps) activation/deactivation with buzzer and external output with Beacon 1.X for full sirene & speaker effects -Visual & Sound effects
  • Can I rent your devices?
    Yes, contact us, or go to section "Rental" but be aware, that we only rent devices with in region of Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary & Slovakia. For larger events rental or cooperation anywhere in Europe use our contact form.
  • How can I buy your devices?
    Send us a message we will contact you with details. We are able to sent you the device anywhere within Europe & US + Canada. To any other destination we do only higher volume orders through DHL. Package costs are added to your bill.
  • Is it possible to cooperate with you guys on my event?
    Definitely, we already support events around the EU, doesn't matter if small or big, either with airsoft set props, R&D or our registration system. Contact us and bring up your idea... we speak English, German, Serbo-Croatian, Czech and Slovak...
  • Is your device in any way dangerous?
    No, we rent/sell even to persons under 18 Years, basically our devices are no more then electrical toys, if you do not decide to do any "adjustments" on your own.....
  • What materials do you use are you devices durable?
    All our in-game devices are built in to an IP67 shockproof "Made in Germany" plastic box and are all the time tested on the varios Battlefields for even more durability. cold and heat resistant (-10° to +50°C) lid with foam padding and rubber seal foldable handle 2 snap locks 2 locking eyelets pressure compensation valve multilayer foam inlay Weight: ca. 1,2 kg
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