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Dominator System
  • Dominator System

    Each event organiser is going through a stage where organising turns from amateur to profesional, from team deathmatch to scenario oriented game. 


    Dominator System consists of Dominator 1.X and its remote sound base Beacon 1.X.


          Dominator 1.X is the perfect first prop for professional looking airsoft/paintball games.Excelent for short max. 24H games with CSGO/Battlefield like scenarios as "CAPTURE THE FLAG" and "BOMB"

    Capture The flag

    -features  by Time controled Game End with various capture time periods


      -features CS-GO type Terrorist bomb with variable explosion time,  external buzzer & console.

        Machine CNC + Hand Made Painting

    • Plug&Play
    • Any Battery 5V Powerbank(included)
    • Size :27 x 24 x 18 cm
    • Thoughbox Design
      • waterproof, crushproof, dustproof
      • battletested
    • Upgrade Version 1.9


    Adittionally you can buy the Sound Upgrade Beacon 1.X:


    Beacon 1.X is a sound effect upgrade device for Dominator 1.X Loud effects all above the battlefield.

    Capture The flag Scenario -features surprise sound effects & comments at the event of capturing the flag.

    ​Bomb Scenario -sirene and sound effects at various events during the game. Plus adds the "Last Run" feature (immidiately before 'explosion' warns the players about last assault possibility) - pure adrenaline till last second!


    • Plug&Play
    • Any Battery 5V Powerbank(included)
    • Size :27 x 24 x 18 cm
    • male/male 3,5 Jack cable for connecting a external speaker.(included)
    • 11.1VBattery for sirene (e.g for RC Car, not included) 
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