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We know that to buy a device by yourself can be sometimes a big ticket.

Therefore we have our rental services, where for moderate prices you can rent our props for time that you need...

Available only in area of Vienna(AT), Bratislava(SK), Györ(HU) & Sopron(HU)

Our warehouse with props is located at the border crossing between AT/SK/HU


Dominator 1.X is our First Development project.

excelent for short max. 24H games with scenarious as "capture the flag" and "bomb"

Capture The flag

-features  by Time controled Game End with various capture time periods


  -features CS-Go type Terrorist bomb with variable explosion time.

                            20 Eur/Day

 Contact us for more info or better prices


Beacon 1.X is a  sound effect upgrade project for Dominator 1.x

Loud effects all above the battlefield with scenarios as "capture the flag" and "bomb"

Capture The flag

-features  surprise sound effects & comments at the event of capturing the flag


  -sirene and sound effects at various events during the game. Plus adds the "Last Run" feature - pure adrenaline till last second!


                   5 EUR Plug&Play

Box + external speaker

 Contact us for more info or better prices



Dominator 2.X is our second Development project.

excelent for long max. 7 days /1 week games with domination scenario

 as "capture the flag" 

Capture The flag

-features  real time controlled game start, game breaks (like for "no night gaming","lunch brakes" etc.) and game end with various capture time periods (5,15,30,60 min base holdout time) for up to 4 teams and GSM/2G connection for fast Game results 

                            not available

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