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Beside regulary used electronics platform we also develope our unique PCB's, Software and Design that you can find only in our devices.

We proudly followed our vision to create easy to use/plug&play devices with features that we consider for any professional event organizer a must. 

To get an idea of our Technology & Design achievements scroll below

ThoughBox Design

ThoughBox design allowed us to place all needed panel items on the outside of the box without losing the Strenght & Water Resistance ability and with no need to open the box during the gameplay.


  • outer display

  • outer buttons

  • water resistant

  • locking mechanisms

  • customizable outer info panels

Can be found in PRODUCTS

  • Dominator1.X (for small events)

  • Dominator 2 (GSM Networked)

  • Dominator PRO (Mid to Large Events)


Beacon 1.x

Beacon 1.X is a preddeccessor of ConnAction comunication network.

It allows information sharing over a small to mid-size battlefield.


  • wireless sending game status

  • reach up to 100 m ( 200 m Theory)

  • multiple device connectivity

  • Signal Noise steadfast (tested)  

  Can be found in PRODUCTS

Dominator 1.X


ConnAction Network

After realizing that GSM network is not available everywhere, we dropped the idea of connecting our devices through 2G/3G Network and decided to create our own ,state of the art first Airsoft Battlefield management communication system called ConnAction.

This Cutting Edge Network was specially configured , tested and adapted to meet every Battlefield setup.

Tested in Flatlands, Alps and Carpathian Mountains it proved itself to support even largest world class size events


  • up to 30 Device communication

  • no extra SIM Card or GSM needed

  • reach up to 2,5 km in open space(tested)

  • reach up to 1km in woodland(tested)

  • reach up to 600 m hidden in Grass (tested)

  • network supports up to 5x5km Battlefields (tested)

  • Online internet communication

  • Battlefield management mobile App - TRACEFORCE

  • Plug&Play /easy to setup

Can be found in PRODUCTS

  • Overseer​

  • Dominator PRO


TraceForce App

In cooperation with TraceForce we fullfilled our commitment to create a functional Battlefield management system for every event organizer. Finally you can have overview of everything that is happening on the Battlefield.

With knowledge about the game sides strength you can fast take measurements to keep the game balanced and provide the best game experience for the players.




  • Full Battlefield overview

  • Realtime data view

  • Positions of players & bases

  • Interactive map with borders & zones

  • Possible Different views for Teams/Sides/Orgs

  • Fast join via QR Codes

Can be found in PRODUCTS

  • Android /Google Store

  • IPhones (IPads) / Apple Store

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