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#20 The season of change 2021

Hello dear softers and ballers, as you know we dearly care about the props that we make and personally test them in the battlefield every weekend to pimp them to perfection,

During last months we stocked up and delivered battletested devices all over the Europe, some of them were custom made, some of them stock ready. But our R&D didn't sleep too and group around ActionBit grew stronger. #ThoughBox design that allows the Panel to be placed outside on the box is 100% working as inside, 4 new devices are on their way landing in our shop in this season. During Test phases we delivered multiple sets of prototypes to our existing customers to recieve the needed feedback for making the new toys better then ever. 3 Customers already asked for exclusivity in their regions.

Expect new Videos from our marketing, from now on he is in charge.

Big Thanks to the Team & Community.

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