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#21 Ending the season 2021

Hello dear softers and ballers.

You probably noticed, that our monthly updates have been skipped during the summer season. But there is a good reason for it, we started massively cooperating with event organizers and that took us lot of time, that we would normally spend creating content for social networks.

.... this resulted in lot of new ideas, created props and mostly our tested HW and Software that will come to market in 2022.

We realized that you cant have top notch game props if it isn't battletested by players in the harshest environments. Thanks to cooperation we boosted our presence all over the battlefields in central Europe . Austria, Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic are our markets with highest presence .

If you will be playing there, there is a high possibility meeting one of our multiple devices.

If not .... then drop us a message, we are supporting events even for free, so who knows maybe you will be the first ActionBit-digitalized Battlefield in your area.... ;-)

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