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#9 Dominators 2.1

We have now two weeks after the largest event in Slovakia "New Crimean War vol.2.0", where our Dominators 2.x have been Battle tested on 260 players durin 48 Hours. All around we can say, that the game went smooth and no major incidents,other as usual have been noticed...BUT....yes but!

Actionbits Dominators 2.x, controlled the game as projected ,proven water resistance ,setted up one day in advance in battlefield with one fully time controlled brake during second night and gave results of the points for each Team at the end.

And from this moment on Major flaw has been noticed.

Basically the main feature was to send the score points via SMS to organizers phone, but as there was no GSM signal this feature showed itself as totally obsolete.

Here i must say, that Dominators 2.x are not ready for this season and they will get a massive HW and SW upgrade to be able to function in all possible terrains and conditions. We will leave the GSM solution and create a self sufficient information network for battlefield.....stay tuned.this shit will be massive.....

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